Elite Group is a reputable and trustworthy Turkish construction company located on the southern coast of Turkey. 

Elite Group has been providing high quality living spaces – combining attention to the very smallest of details and a sense of artistry - for more than 20 years. With each project that we undertake, our primary objective is to create not only a place of residence but also a thing of beauty. It is this objective - combined with the strength of expertise and experience - that lays the foundation for the Elite Admiral Premium Residences project, a project which has become a source of inspiration within today’s Turkish tourism sector.

Elite Group – a team of dedicated professionals committed to your total satisfaction.

When it comes to overseas property purchase and investment, customers must have absolute confidence, not only in the product but also in the people they are working with. Investors need experienced professional partners in whom they can trust to guide them through each and every aspect of the property purchasing procedure and who can remain totally focused on securing sound and astute investment solutions for its clients.

In order to direct investment into the most appropriate projects, investors need to secure expert local knowledge to ensure that the project has been correctly valued, that the project will be completed and delivered on time without any encumberances and that it represents an efficient, profitable investment tool in accordance with current legislation.

The name to remember for real estate purchase and investment in Turkey is the Elite Group.

We commenced our journey in 1992 and we remain as enthusiastic about our role now as we did then. The Elite Group has attained a leadership position in the real estate industry in Turkey and we will strive to retain that position for many more years to come.

Core principles on which our activities are based are:

  • Independence and Impartiality
  • Confidentiality, Integrity and Reliability
  • Respect for Nature and the Environment
  • Unconditional Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
  • Health and Safety and Work


Elite Group is not a single entity but a holding group for 5 individual companies engaged in a number of sectors - these companies are:

1 ) Elite Group Construction and Investment – Its primary business is the identification and construction of new and exciting real estate investment opportunities. Our activities in these fields have resulted in a number of prestigious honours and awards.

2 ) Elite Group Real Estate – Real estate investment consultancy and advisory services, with these services being offered in partnership with our overseas representatives located worldwide (Middle East, North Adfican Counrties, Germany, Russia, UK, Iran, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Germany, USA etc.),

3 ) Elite Group – Design and Engineering – A multi-functional unit directly related to the conception and design of new construction projects, including preparation of project specific documentation and reports, qualitative and authoritative feasibility studies.

4 ) Elite Group – Health and Beauty – Its main business is the wellbeing of its clients, providing a number of restorative and relaxation treatments, using state of the art equipment and the very best qualified personnel.

5 ) Elite Group – Tourism and Business Management – The foundation of the company, whose primary adjective is to deliver real estate solutions whilst contributing to and supporting the local economy.

Our Achievements and Milestones

We have conceived and delivered a number of award winning residential projects, comprising over 2000 individual units. These projects include the ground-breaking and innovative Admiral Premium Residences and the entry level ‘Elite Life’ brand, which now comprises several newly completed projects in different regions of Alanya.

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