Turkey has an unique geographical location, partly in Europe and partly in Asia and it is an important intersection between several continents and seas. This unique location means Turkey is an important trading hub between West and East.

Turkey has a land mass of around 780.000 km2 and lies on four seas - the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Sea of Marmara.

It has a wealth of history and has been the base of many ancient civilizations and empires.

Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world and is an ever increasing destination for foreign property investors. It is also one of the fastest growing destinations for both medical tourism and educational facilities for foreign students. 

Turkey is widely regarded as an important financial center and is a major player in the global banking system.

Real estate and construction revenues represent almost a quarter of all foreign capital invested in Turkey.

Turkey is the 6th largest economy of the EU region and continues to show consistently strong economic growth.



  • Lower cost of living than most of European countries.
  • Lower property prices when compared to the majority of other popular overseas investment destinations.
  • Annual rental yields of between 6%-10%.
  • Low property transfer and annual property taxes.
  • Annual maintenance fees around 3 times lower (again when compared to other overseas destinations).
  • Modern and developed tourism infrastructure, and direct flight access from most major cities in the world - tourism visitor numbers continue to increase year on year.
  • Sparkling, clear seas, endless beaches, stunning natural environment, cultural diversity, friendly and welcoming native population, a wealth of social and sporting activities, unique shopping facilities and world famous Turkish cuisine.

Turkish really does have something for everyone !!!

It is also one of the world's fasting growing overseas investment markets.