Do you dream of owningyour own property abroad,where the sun always shines and wherethe stress of  everyday life is banished. Turkey eontinues to be inereasingly popular as a seeond home destination,  mainlythanks to a superb elimate,a friendly weleome from the loeals,fa ntastie natura! landseape and the  relatively low realestate priees.

Elite Property, Tourism and Construetion was established in 1992 and is a division of the Elite Group of  compa nies.Companies within the Group are established in the following seetors:

Civil Engineering, Construction, Mapping-Engineering and Surveying, Real Estate, Tourism and Travel, Hotel.

For more than 30 years ,Elite Group has operated at the forefront of the real estate serviees seetor in  southern Turkey,earning a reputation amongst our peers for delivering state of the art residential living  spaees ofthevery highest quality.

Smart civil architect engineer inspecting and working outdoors s

We provide a diverse range of eonstruetion,ageney and investment serviees to elients from all over the  world – for ali things real estate related, Elite Group can provide. From inspeetion trip to eontract  signature,from furniture purehasing to transfer oftitle deed,we willbewith youevery step oftheway.

To date, we have conceived, constructed and delivered several award winning residential projects,  comprising over 1000 individual units. These projects include the ground-breakingand innovative Elite  Admiral Premium Residences, Elite Sun villas, Elite Marine and the entry level ‘Elite Life’ brand.


Entry level priees for a 1bedroom apartment inthe Alanya region are between 900 € – 1200 € / m2. This  would inelude a highly speeified interior and a wide range of on-site soeial faeilities and amenities. These  faeilities inelude outdoor pool,indoor pool,Turkish bath ( hamam),fitness suite,games room, eafe-bistro  and sauna.

Ali new built property is Freehold -this means that onee the title deed is issued,the property is owned  100% outright and there are no ground rents to pay.Ali owners will pay an annua l maintenanee fee and  these contribute towards the maintenanee and upkeep of ali eommunal and soeial areas and faeilities  (eleaning of pools,garden maintenanee,earetaker ete). This fee is between 30-100 Euros per month and  is determined by propertysize and the scope of on-site facilities.