British Holiday Bookings to Turkey up by 90%!

Despite the perception amongst many that it is not as safe as other holiday destinations, UK based Monarch Holidays have reported that the Brits are booking Turkish holidays ‘in their droves’.

The operator’s Head of Product and Commercial, Gemma Day, has revealed that bookings have shot up by an incredible 90% and that the eastern Mediterranean countries ‘are bouncing back’.

Another major operator, Thomas Cook, has reported that despite cutting back capacity (to Turkey) by 30% last year they too are forecasting a significant upsweep in demand.

This reason for this boost is largely two-fold – first, most hotels in the popular resorts are offering great value short term deals and second, (post Brexit), the sliding value of the pound means that it is now more expensive for Brits to holiday in almost every country in the world – with the Turkish Lira remaining relatively weak however, Turkey is one of the few countries where the pound has actually increased in value.

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