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Q: Can I buy a house with Bitcoin ? A: Yes. Of course You can buy houses with Bitcoin by Elite Group Alanya

Q: How to buy a house with Bitcoin? A: Bitcoin is the newest way to buy property even when it comes to real estate property.You may think. You just need one thing: For the buyer and seller to agree on exchanging bitcoin for the property.Thats all.

How Does It Work?

A New Way To Use Crypto!

Want to buy a house with cryptocurrency? Now you can!

Find Your Dream Home

Make an offer on any listing.

We’ll Help You Buy It!

Sign the paperwork and call the movers!


Our proprietary process is designed to move quick, ensuring you close on your new property as soon as possible.


Execute the transaction without additional contracts, unnecessary negotiations or extensive knowledge transfer.


Obtain title insurance, eliminate distrust and protect your interests.Buy a House with Bitcoin?


Purchase your new property with cryptocurrency while also minimizing price volatility.

Turkey real-estate-takes-a-fancy-to-Bitcoin

Turkey real-estate-takes-a-fancy-to-Bitcoin

Turkey’s real estate is now taking a fancy to Bitcoin. Read to find out how!

İn Turkey more buyers and developers are using crypto currencies to make the deal.Cash and mortgages needn’t be the only way you buy a home in Turkey. If you have stocked up on Bitcoins, and their prices happen to be flying high at the moment, that’s all you need to pay for the deal.

What the Turkish law says?

Before cryptocurrencies go mainstream, the laws of the land and security features will need fine tuning. The Turkish Central Bank currently prohibits use of virtual currencies to conduct online transactions or as a mode of payment.

Cryptocurrency makes it possible for anyone to buy property anywhere, from wherever they happen to be. So you could, for instance, be traveling through the Negev or laying beachside or poolside at some nice hotel on your Summer holiday, and buy a property in the US or Europe or virtually anywhere.

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