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Buy Houses With Bitcoin in Turkey by Elite Group

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How Do I Buy a Property With Bitcoin in Turkey?

We Accepted Bitcoin for Property Sales in Turkey Alanya by Elite Group Construction.

We take care of the entire purchasing process from start to finish in such a way that it is 100% harmonious. You just have to choose your property then let us take care of the whole process.

Let’s help you enjoy increasing your wealth, by making it smooth, easy and also save you crucial time.

if you are one of the few who had the foresight to diversify your assets and want to cash in, where do you spend it?

Can I buy a house with bitcoin in Turkey?

Yes In our conviction, it’s a good time to invest in property in Turkey with bit coin 2021

-We provide Turkish citizenship with #bitcoin

-You can obtaining citizenship through investment.

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We provide Turkish citizenship

Process of purchasing real estate with Bitcoin by Elite Group

Is Bit coin legal in Turkey?

Turkey has made no public and private banks operating in Cryptocurrency trading.

However, we cooperate with some exchanges that trade BTC and free money transfer service can be provided.

With Akbank PARIBU (which is Turkish Bank) money transfers are made through the stock exchange and no money transfer fee is charged for this.

The PARIBU account can be used on Akbank for 7-24 days, completely free of charge.

Just like any other normal and every day real estate transaction, the price would need to be set and agreed upon in Euros), but is payable and transferable in Bitcoin.

  • If you buy a property rom Elite Group, we give you a Tapu (Title Deed) when we receive money in our wallet code.

    – We are converting the bit coin to cash only for our properties you buy through Elite Group Construction.
  • Please Note: We dont exchange Bit coin without buying property.

You can obtaining citizenship through investment.

Taxes and closing costs

Land transfer tax and closing costs, such as home inspection and/or lawyer fees, must be paid exactly the same as in Euro denominated transaction.

If you prefer to pay for those costs using #Cryptocurrency , we can accept your Bitcoin and issue an equivalent amount as a #Euro denominated to be deposited into a regular bank account.

Do you still have doubts that buying property with bitcoin in Turkey?

Please dont hesitate to contact with us for any questions and an Inspection Trip to Alanya. https://www.elitegroup.com.tr

Best Regards from Alanya Turkey⠀

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