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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Property in Alanya

How to buy a home in Turkey as a foreigner

rules for foreigners buying property in turkey

1 – Value for Money

Compared to other popular investment destinations, such as Spain, Portugal, USA, Cyprus and Dubai, buy property in Turkey continues to represent very good value for money. Buy Property in Alanya Turkey

Newly built property from Elite Group can be purchased from under 50.000 € and all are constructed to the very highest of standards that are associated with the ‘Elite’ brand.

Whatever your budget, when you buy property with Elite Group, luxury is standard –beautiful marble or ceramic flooring throughout, fully tiled bathrooms, modern fitted kitchen with granite worktops, full range of in-built appliances and of course, remote controlled air-conditioning in all rooms.

Please also note that closing costs (or legal fees) associated with property purchase are also comparatively low – allow for around 5% of purchase price to cover all legal fees (compared with a minimum of around 12% when buying in Spain). Buy Property in Alanya Turkey


Acquiring Property and Citizenship - Invest in Turkey

Investment in Real Estate Alanya Turkey

2 – Wonderful Climate

Alanya – Where the Sun Smiles! With more than 300 days of sunshine per year Alanya has the warmest climate of all the resort regions in Turkey.

Even in winter, which is a very short season, the daily temperature rarely drops below 15C – imagine spending Christmas or New Year’s Day on the beach! It is well known that Vitamin D is one of the most beneficial of all natural supplements 

Considering most of our Vitamin D comes from the sun, there is no chance of you needing to buy supplements when in Alanya! Buy Property in Alanya Turkey

3 – Cost of Living

Simply put, considerably cheaper than at home. Electric and Gas, Property Tax, Property Maintenance Fees, Food and Drink, Public Transport and Daily Essentials – all available at a fraction of the cost that you would pay at home.

So, with much lower ongoing property ownership and daily living costs, you are left with more cash with which to enjoy the numerous social activities and facilities available in Alanya 

whether it’s nightlife, top quality cuisine, boat tours, scuba diving or pony trekking in the mountains, all of this (and more) is available in Alanya. Buy Property in Alanya Turkey


How to apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

4 – Flexible Payment Solutions

Whatever your Budget, We Aim to Please – Elite Group can offer a wide range of property, from Studio apartments to 4 bedroom detached villas with private pool and garden.

We treat all clients with the utmost due care and respect and this includes accounting for their financial circumstances.

Want to pay cash – no problem! Want to spread your payments over a mutually agreed timeframe – we can do that! Want to purchase your property with the assistance of bank credit – certainly! Whatever your situation, we are sure that we have a solution.

With most developers, what you see if what you get! In line with our customer relationship policy, we are happy to tailor your apartment in accordance with your preferences. Want to change the colour of the bathroom tiles or the splashback in the kitchen ?

we will change them! Want underfloor heating in the bathroom – no problem! Nothing is too much trouble when purchasing with Elite Group (within reason of course)!

Our customer is our first priority and we aim to please at all times. Buy Property in Alanya Turkey

Can I get Turkish citizenship by buying a house in Turkey?

You can be a Turkish Citizen by purchasing a property in Turkey that is worth a minimum of $250,000

5 – Easy Access by Air

We appreciate that one of your primary considerations when buying a property abroad is ease of access – how far is my property from the airport and how long will the airport transfer take?

Up until recently, Alanya was served only by Antalya Airport, 135km to the west and a transfer time to Alanya centre of between 90 minutes – 2 hours.

In 2011 however, Alanya-Gazipaşa airport commenced operations – this airport is just 45km to the east of Alanya centre and the airport transfer time is just 30-40 minutes.

If you happen to purchase at either of our projects located in Mahmutlar, then you can arrive at your apartment just 20 minutes after departing the airport! In 2011, Alanya-Gazipaşa welcomed 29.000 arrivals – in 2018, the number of arrivals was in excess of 1 million!

There are direct flights from many European cities during the summer season. During the winter, you can fly into this airport pretty much from anywhere in the world via Istanbul (the flight from Istanbul to Alanya-Gazipaşa takes around 1 hour)

for obvious reasons Alanya-Gazipaşa has become the preferred airport of choice for both tourist visitors and second home owners in Alanya. Buy Property in Alanya Turkey

Residence permits in Turkey information -cheap property Turkey

Turkish residency 2021 laws

6 – Turkish Residency and Citizenship

The government’s open market policy means that almost anyone, from what ever country, can now buy property in Turkey ( there are currently only 7 countries worldwide whose citizens are precluded).

Currently, visitors entering Turkey on a tourist visa can stay for a maximum of 90 days in any 180 day period – these days do not have to be consecutive.

However, for those owners that wish to come and go as they please, we recommend Turkish residency. All foreign property owners (and long term renters) are eligible to apply for a residency permit.

This eligibility applies to all and is not dependent on property value or the applicant’s country of origin – residency status means that you can travel to and from Turkey without any restriction (and negates the need for a visa).

All new permits are issued with a validity period of 1 year, renewable all the while that the holder continues to own property in Turkey.

Costs vary depending on which country the applicant normally resides – however, as a guide, applicants will pay around 25 US$ for the 1st month of residency and 15 US$ for each month thereafter.

So, for a 2 year permit, these citizens would pay 380 US$ (payable in TL on the day the application is submitted). In addition, there is a cost of around 150 TL for the actual permit.

 Those individuals applying for residency must be able to show a bank balance of $500 per month (or other currency equivalent) for each month of residency – so, 6.000 $ minimum balance for a 1 year permit :

in addition, all applicants under the age of 65 should have a valid private Turkish health policy (not required if over the age of 65).

 Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Acquisition In September 2018, the Turkish government announced that the minimum investment amount would be reduced to $US 250.000, 75% lower than the previous minimum amount of $US 1.000.000.

This move means that the Turkish citizenship through property investment program is now one of the most cost effective worldwide – additionally, it is also one of the most efficient, with citizenship being granted within 2 months of application.

Citizenship will apply to the property owner, his or her spouse and any children under the ages of 18. As part of our standard aftersales service

Elite Group are happy to assist with residency and citizenship applications. Buy Property in Alanya Turkey

How much does it cost to invest in Turkey to get citizenship?

Is buying property in Turkey a good investment?

7 – Generate an Income from your Investment

There are significant investment opportunities to be had by purchasing a property in Turkey and Alanya in particular.

The fact that Alanya attracts so many tourists means that rental demand is evident throughout the year and as a result, the ‘buy to let’ market is flourishing.

Every year, many thousands of tourists are seeking out private rental accommodation in favour of the standard 4 or 5 star allinclusive hotel. There renters are looking for high quality apartments, close to the beach and all amenities and with good on-site facilities.

Given that all Elite Group properties meet all of the above criteria, our rental properties are in high demand – those that are made available (by the owner) on a long term basis show an average occupancy rate of around 80%! (and a net average rental yield of between 5 – 7%).

In addition to rental income, both ‘lifestyle’ and ‘investor’ purchasers can expect good capital appreciation on their property – property prices in Turkey increased by 9.8 % in 2018 and by a
staggering 65% in the 5 year period 2013 – 2017.

How do I get residency in Turkey?

Do you get residency if you buy property in Turkey?

8 – Efficient Public Transport System

As one would expect with a resort that generates 10% of all Turkish tourism revenue, the public transport system in Alanya is at least as good as that found in other developed Mediterranean

The bus transport system is efficient and cheap – buses for all routes operate around every 10 minutes from early morning to late at night – expect to pay between 1- 4 TL one way, depending on the route (the most expensive 1 way ticket is 8 TL – Alanya Centre to Gazipaşa)!

Taxi services are also readily available and certainly a lot cheaper than you would find at home – expect to pay a daily fare of around 5 TL per kilometre travelled (as at home, rates at night will be higher).

Alanya has its own ‘Otogar’ (main coach station) and from here you can get a coach to almost anywhere in Turkey – as you would expect, fares are very reasonable; as an example, a 1 way trip to
Istanbul (a journey of around 12 hours) would currently cost between 120 – 150 TL.

buying property in turkey and residency 2021

turkey property for residency or citizenship 2021

9 – Delicious Food

Turkish cuisine has been making a name for itself on the worldwide culinary platform for many years, so much so that it is now considered amongst the best in the world.

The combination of flavours and ingredients are blended together to form dishes that have been historically influenced by many different cultures – these include Greek, Ottoman, Middle Eastern, Asian and Balkan.

In addition, as a result of refinement over the centuries, Turkish cuisine has a very pure quality. The variety and simplicity of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients are a guarantees of delicious meals.

Alanya has numerous quality restaurants with many specialising in traditional Turkish Mediterranean dishes, rich in vegetables, herbs and spices. Not surprisingly, Alanya also has many speciality fish restaurants offering locally caught species such as barbunya (red mullet), levrek (sea bass), mercan (coral fish) and lüfer (bluefish).

The amenable climate means that Alanya is a very important region for fruit and vegetable production so, wherever you choose to eat, be it a high-end restaurant or local ‘lokanta’, all of the produce will have been locally sourced.

buying a property in Turkey Alanya

Apartments for Sale in Alanya Buy with Best Price

10 – A Wealth of History and Culture

Alanya is rich in history and has been a local stronghold for many ancient Mediterranean based empires, including Roman, Byzantine and of course, the Ottomans. It became prominent in the Middle Ages under the rule of Alaeddin Keykubat, from whom the city derives its name

– it was his extensive building campaign that resulted in many of the city’s famous landmarks such as the Castle, Red Tower and the old Dockyard. At almost 300 metres above sea level, Alanya Castle is one of the most impressive sights in all of Mediterranean Turkey

– built around 1224, it has a total of 140 towers and its walls stretch for almost 6.400 metres – dominating the skyline, the castle is the most prominent feature of the Alanya cityscape.

The Red Tower is an impressive structure, around 33 metres in height, that stands watch over the harbour. The name comes from the red colour of the bricks and stones that were used in its construction.

The dockyard of Alanya (Tersane) is widely considered to be the first built in all of the Mediterranean region. Constructed in 1227, it has a width of 56 metres and a maximum depth of 44 metres.
Another site of importance is the Damlataş Cave.

This sits at the foot of the Castle hill and was discovered, by accident, as recently as 1948. It has a maximum depth of 50 metres and a height of 15metres – its standout features are the stalagmites and stalagtites that have formed over the years.

The cave is popularly known as an ‘curing cave’ due to the widespread belief in its capability to ease respiratory complaints – indeed, most of the early visitors were local residents who suffered from asthma.

Further Afield – Alanya is ideally located as a base from which to explore further afield and there are numerous tour operators offering 1 or 2 day excursions to some of Turkey’s most famous sites. These include:

Cappodocia – the most visually striking region in all of Turkey, where natural erosion has formed a ‘moonscape’ of caves, pinnacles and ‘fairy chimneys’ amongst the dramatic folds of the soft volcanic rock.

Prime activities here include exploration of the painted cave churches, flying in a hot air balloon
by dawn, hiking in the Rose Valley and spending a night in a comfortable cave room with all modern comforts.

Pamukkale – Deriving from natural springs in a cliff almost 200m above the plateau, calcite-rich waters have created a stunning ‘cotton castle’ landscape made up of mineral forests, petrified
waterfalls and a series of terraced basins.

Both of the above are UNESCO recognised as importance sights of heritage. 

The wider world is finally realising that Alanya has so much stacked in its favour as a most desirable place to holiday, live or retire

with its fabulous climate, stunning natural beauty, low cost of living, a superb choice of residential property and its friendly and welcomingly population, it is no surprise to find that around 42.000 foreigners have chosen to buy a home here.

Alanya is now a truly multi-national resort town with a foreign ownership contingent that originates from 81 countries, many of whom are choosing to live here all year round. Buy Property in Alanya Turkey

property prices in alanya turkey

properties for sale for every budget

Turkish Citizenship for Foreign İnvestors 

According to Turkish citizenship for buying a property in Turkey, foreign nationals are free to buy property anywhere in Turkey except for historical and military zones. The terms of citizenship for foreigners who buy a house in Turkey will be 250.000 Dollars as of September 2018.


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