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Changes in Law regarding Residency – Good News !!!

It has been announced that there will be changes in the rules regarding foreign residency in Turkey. Whilst we await a official declaration outlining the changes in detail, what we know thus far is that:

  • The 120 day rule will be abolished. Currently, for those foreign residents staying outside of Turkey for 120 consecutive days, residency will be cancelled and those affected will have to re-apply for a new residency permit upon re-entry to Turkey. For all new residence permits applications lodged after 13th August 2016, this rule will no longer apply.
  • Short term residency permit validity will be extended. Currently, all new residency permits are issued with a validity period of 1 year. For all new permit applications lodged, after 13th August 2016, the validity period of residency shall be 2 years.
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