New Mega Ring Road for Alanya

Possibly Alanya’s single most significant infrastructure undertaking ever, work continues on the construction of the new ‘Ring-Road’, with the first stage of Phase 1 sheduled for completion sometime around June 2017.

The first stage of Phase 1 focuses on the widening and extension of the existing D400 and will include a series of newly constructed overpasses and underpasses – the road will be widened to 50 metres all the way from just west of the Devlet hospital through to the Dim River junction at Tosmur. The second stage will be to be extend this road through the northern boundaries of Kestel and Mahmutlar and on to Kargicak.

Phase 2 will be perhaps the biggest undertaking of all – this will be a completely new section of road that will link Kargicak to the recently completed highway that connects Yeşilöz (20 km east of Kargicak) to the Alanya-Gazipaşa airport approach road.

The precise route for both the Phase 1 extension and the Phase 2 link to Kargicak and onwards to Yeşilöz is not yet known but reliable sources have advised this will be well north of all existing tourism and residential developments.

Currently the D400 is an important commercial traffic route as it connects 2 of Turkey’s major southern seaports – Antalya to the west and Mersin to the east (a distance of around 500 km).

Upon completion of Phase 2, most, if not all, of this commercial traffic will bypass both tourism and residential areas all the way from Gazipaşa through to the western side of Alanya city boundary (a distance of around 45 – 50 km depending on the final route).

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