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Real Estate News İn Turkey 2021

International property consultant Knight Frank is reporting this week that Turkey leads their quarterly global home price appreciation index for the third consecutive quarter of 2020 with annual price growth of 27%.

Real Estate News İn Turkey 2021

Turkish real estate developers seem optimistic about reaching the year end target despite the coronavirus pandemic and expect the house sales to hit 1.4 million units.

Around 590,000 houses were sold in the June- July-August period

The fact that the interest rates on mortgages have again increased will affect the sales to some extent, he said, adding, however, it would not prevent sales to reach 1.4 million units at 2020 end.

Real Estate news Turkey 2021

Real Estate news Turkey 2021

Turkey’s real estate industry optimistic about reaching 1.4M year-end house sales target 2020

However, at the same time, it is not easy to launch your first project in a city the size of Istanbul with its famous economic and residential weight, with the consequent high competitiveness with previous old companies and at all levels.

Real Estate News İn Turkey 2021

Nearly 1.35 million housing units were sold in the country in 2019, while up to 45,500 houses were bought by foreigners, seeing a 14.7% increase compared with the previous year.

Recently, the real estate market in Turkey has been growing by gaining strength through the mega investments. The coup attempt on July 15th was unsuccessful and the Turkish people clearly revealed their approach against coups thanks to their determination.

These large-scale investments concerning Istanbul and surrounding provinces and other related infrastructure projects will accelerate the development of the Marmara region while triggering economic growth, new real estate developments, and interaction between different industries.

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