Significant Increase in Number of Turtle Hatchlings Reaching the Sea

According to the Turkish Environment and Urbanization Ministry, a total  of 91,242 loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings reached the sea in 2016 – this was an increase of around 35% compared to the previous year and 63% higher than that for 2014.

This increase was due primarily to the enhanced environmental efforts and new regulations imposed by the General Directorate of the Protection of Natural Heritage. The Directorate advised that these results were achieved after meticulous monitoring of the breeding grounds in 5 primary special protection areas.

Within these areas, 2,508 hatchlings took to the sea in Mersin province, 5,550 in Fethiye (Mügla),  11,605 in Patara (Antalya), 29,617 in Dalyan (Mügla) and 41,962 (45% of the total) in Belek (Antalya).

Additionally, the Directorate announced that it had maintained it efforts to protect flamingoes as part of the ‘Protection and Monitoring of Wetland Bird Species’ project. As a result, 9,564 new-born flamingo chicks were now living at the Tuz Lake region of Central Anatolia.

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