Skiing in Turkey – Bookings surge for New Year Holiday

As blankets of snow cover the most popular ski centres across Turkey, including Uludağ, Palandöken, Erciyes, Kartepe and Ilgaz, hotel bookings for the new year have surged.

Turkish Travel Agencies Union (TÜRSAB) Vice Chairman, Hasan Erdem, said that early bookings at the ski centres were welcomed by both the tour operators and the hotels and facilities owners – he added that current capacity across all centres is around 20,000 beds, with 16.000 of these having Tourism Ministry approved status.

He said that, currently, occupancy rate stands at 70% but a recent surge in bookings means that this will increase to between 90% – 100% over the New Year holiday period. ”This is a great occupancy rate for ski centres in Turkey”, he added.

Whilst many nationals from a number of European countries are aware of the skiing facilities available in Turkey, those from Gulf countries, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, have previously known Turkey only as a summer destination. In recent years, however, Turkey’s winter tourism profile has increased significantly, to the extent that Turkey is now a winter destination of choice for tourists from these Gulf countries. ”This is very pleasing”, said Erdem.

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