Taxes and Side Expenses


  • Title Deed Transfer Tax: approximately 4% of the declared title deed value. Whilst the purchase price is paid in Euro (or the equivalent in other currency), the declared Tapu value will be shown in Turkish Lira.
  • For example, if the purchasing price is 50.000 €, the Tapu value may be shown as 150.000 TL – the 4% tax, therefore, will be 6.000 TL. This is paid prior to title deed transfer. In addition, there will be a Land Registry registration fee of around 200 TL.
  • Certified Translator Fee: 200 TL
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable): 200 €
  • Habitation Certificate (ISKAN): 500 € – 750 €
  • Utility Subscriptions – Electricity and Water: 300 €
  • DASK Insurance: 30 €


Annual Property Tax: 0.6% of declared Tapu value in the 1st year of ownership, 0.2% for all years thereafter. So, on a property with a declared value of 150.000 TL, the tax liability will be 900 TL in the 1st year and 300 TL for all years thereafter.

Environment Clean-Up Tax (Refuse Collection): Approximately 50 € per annum

Maintenance Fees (depending on property size and scope of on-site amenities), apartment owners will pay around):

1+1 Apartment: 30 € per month

2+1 Apartment: 40 € per month

3+1 Apartment: 50 € per month