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The Second Home Market in Alanya

Historically, the second home market in Alanya has been sustained by those that first discovered it as a tourism destination – as a result, the majority contingent of its foreign owners comprise those that herald from northern and western European countries, including UK, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany and Russia.

These countries still dominate in terms of both incoming tourists and second home buyers. In recent years, however, due primarily to a shift in tourism marketing and an amendment to the law of property ownership, Alanya now attracts many more visitors and subsequently, second home owners, from countries further afield. These days, Alanya is not only the single most important tourist resort in Turkey (in terms of numbers of visitors and revenues generated), it also accounts for around 18% of all Turkish property sales to foreigners.

Since being discovered as a second home destination, the majority of purchases in Alanya have been ‘lifestyle’ motivated; however, in recent years, we have seen an increasing number of purchases on a ‘buy to let’ basis and these now account for around 30% of all new business. The foundation for the second home market is largely tourism based and the same applies for those looking to derive an income through rental.

The wider world is finally realising that Alanya has so much stacked in its favour – with its fabulous climate, stunning natural beauty, low cost of living, a superb choice of residential property and its friendly and welcoming locals, it is no surprise to find that around 45.000 foreigners have chosen to buy a property here. Alanya is now a truly multi-national resort town with a foreign ownership contingent that originates from 81 countries, with many of these foreigners choosing to live here all year round.