Turkey Hosts Record Number of Healthcare Tourists in 2017

The Turkish Healthcare Travel Council (THTC) have reported that, from January to November,  751.000 tourists visited Turkey specifically for medical and healthcare treatments – the highest previous annual number of medical tourists was achieved in 2015, with 746.000.

It is expected that Turkey will have received 760.000 medical tourists by the end of the year, generating revenues of around $1.8 billion.

THTC Chairman Emin Çakmak stated that he was expecting even greater numbers for 2018, with a target of 800,000 tourists generating in excess of $2 billion in revenues.

In terms of treatments, the top 3 sectors were oncology, organ transplants and heart surgeries. Turkey is also becoming a major player in the field of in-vitro fertilisation – this year saw a 100% increase in patients visiting specifically for these procedures. Çakmak stated that success rates for in-vitro procedures are currently around 65-70%, compared to around 40% in other overseas destinations. Another factor is price – the cost of in-vitro procedures (in Turkey) are around $4.000 (per individual), whilst the same treatment elsewhere is likely to cost at least twice as much.

The top 3 countries for medical tourists to Turkey are Iraq, Libya and Kazakhstan. Çakmak stated that the majority of Iraqi tourists sought organ transplants and treatments for burns, whilst Kazaks came primarily for oncology treatments.

Turkey has opened numerous private and public hospitals over the last 10 years and continues to train more and more doctors at these facilities. Turkey nows ranks 4th globally in the number of healthcare tourists it receives and 3rd in terms of revenues generated.

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