Turkey to Welcome 35 Million Tourists in 2018

Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş has announced that 31.4 million tourists will have visited Turkey by the close of the year, a year on year increase of nearly 25%.

Speaking to the A Haber news agency, Kurtulmuş said that he was looking at a minimum target of  35 million tourists for 2018, adding that a higher figure was also possible. Should this minimum be achieved, this would be very close to the previous peak year of 2014, in  which Turkey welcomed 36.8 million visitors.

Kurtumlus noted that 2018 visitors will come not only from traditional (primarily European) markets, but also from a number of countries further afield, including China, India and Indonesia – this will be the result of a number of incentives recently put in place in order to strenghthen bilateral tourism relations between Turkey and these new market countries.

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