Turkish Airlines – 3 times safer than its European Counterparts?

After a year long inspection carried out by  the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Turkish Airlines (THY) was deemed three times safer than various other european airlines, General Manager Bilal Ekşi announced on Wednesday.

The Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) program includes inspection of  the maintenance status and airworthiness of airlines’ fleets and crews’ compliance with current safety regulations.

The program then proceeds to assign numeric values for each safety hazard it finds, marking the safest airlines with a lower numeric value and hence, a lower overall score.

According to Ekşi, out of a total of 123 safety inspections, THY scored just 0.17 points, compared to an average of 0.51 points for other airlines within the EU.

With 303 destinations in 120 countries, THY flies to more destinations worldwide than any other airline. Last year, it served 68.6 million passengers, 9.3% up on 2016, generating net profits of almost $140 million.

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