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Turkish Citizenship for Foreigners Moves One Step Closer

Speaking at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, Deputy PM, Numan Kurtulmus announced that the government has put the finishing touches to a proposal to grant Turkish citizenship to foreign investors.

The proposal has been completed and submitted to Parliament for approval.

Eligibility for citizenship will include those who have made fixed (commercial) investments, those that have bought real estate (at a certain value), those that invest in state investment vehicles and those whose investments provide employment opportunities.

Commenting on the submission of the propsal, Kurtulmus said that ‘’the minimum investment levels and other conditions to qualify for citizenship will be determined at a later date’’.

Speaking at a ceremony at Sedef Shipyard in Istanbul,  President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “Turkey has never let down anyone who believed, trusted and invested in its economy. A greater portion of international investors continue to increase their investments in our country because they see this as fact’’.

Erdogan explained that one of the biggest problem’s (in attracting foreign investment) was one of perception. ‘’I do not know if there is any other country in the world that, on one hand,  is faced with so many problems but on the other, remains such a great economic power. This situation causes a sharp difference between how Turkey is perceived and what the reality really is,” he said.

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