Turkish Healthcare Tourism to benefit from New Government Incentives

The government have recently announced a new incentives package designed to further boost the growing demand for healthcare tourism in Turkey.

Finance Minister Naci Ağbal announced that along with the recent re-enactment of VAT regulations for the private health sector, foreign individuals will now no longer be required to pay VAT on any services received within this sector.

For those companies offering healthcare services (to foreigners), the re-enacted VAT regulations means that earnings from healthcare tourists will be exempt from corporate tax (previously set at 50%).

According to Turkish Medical Tourism Development Council Member Özlem Safiye, more than 1 million people came to Turkey for health tourism in 2017, generating revenues in excess of $10 billion.

Finance Minister Ağbal pointed out that health tourism is a rapidly expanding sector, particularly in respect of care for the elderly – ‘’the world’s population is aging and care for the elderly is a costly business, With a combination of sun, state of the art medical facilities and qualified personnel, the sector offers great opportunities for Turkey’’. Indicating that the Ministry will be adding additional incentives for the private sector, Ağbal said that they were looking to increase the amount of long term contracts with overseas agencies.

“We have the opportunity to bring significant additional foreign exchange to the country and create extraordinary employment in the health sector,” Ağbal said.

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