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Alanya - an introduction

Turkey’s land mass covers some 780,000 km2 and has numerous resort towns along its Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea coastlines.  One of the most stunning and vibrant of these resorts  – and a timeless draw to millions of people annually –  is Alanya, affectionately known as the ‘Pearl of the Turkish Riviera’.

Alanya’s beaches are some of the best to be found in all of Turkey, lapped by the clear and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and with the magnificent Taurus mountains providing a dramatic backdrop.

By today’s standards it is a modern and contemporary resort town offering a wealth of amenities that are at least the equal of other popular overseas resorts. Alanya has welcomed more than 3.5 million tourist visitors for the last 3 consecutive years and last year accounted for 10% all of Turkish tourism revenue. There are numerous options for accommodation, such as sprawling, all-inclusive hotels, small and cosy guest houses and private apartments that are available for rent.

The resort of Alanya seems to have it all. Affordable and easily accessible, open all year round, a fabulous natural landscape, 300 days of sunshine a year and rich in sites of cultural and historical significance. All of this, combined with ‘blue flag’ beaches, an abundant choice of nightlife and a friendly welcome from the locals, means that Alanya ticks all the boxes for so many people.

Alanya Turkey Аланья Турция Недвижимость Real estate

Wherever you are in Alanya, the beach will always be close by – of the 463 ‘blue-flag’ beaches in all of Turkey, 69 of these are in Alanya.

Alanya has a typical hot summer Mediterranean climate. Located on the south-east of the Mediterranean Basin, the high air pressure zones means that most of the rainfall occurs during the short winter season, with the summers being long, hot, and dry; this has prompted the Alanya Board of Tourism to adopt the slogan “Alanya – Where the Sun Smiles”.

The height of the Taurus mountains significantly impact upon the climate. Rising to an average height of some 1.300 metres (and a maximum of 3.000 metres), this impact is two-fold: firstly, they protect the city from the cool, northerly winds, resulting in a unique, almost sub-tropical climate. Secondly, the ambient air temperature is maintained, meaning that bathing in the sea is possible almost all year round – the average sea temperature is around 21C (72F) annually, with a high of 29C (84F) during the hottest months.

Given the pervading weather conditions and the extremely fertile land, Alanya is an important agricultural region and a diverse range of vegetables and fruits are cultivated here.

Cleopatra beach stretches for 2 km out to the west of the city centre. According to legend, the name originates from 37 BC when the Roman emperor Marc Anthony gifted parts of the city to his Egyptian queen. The equally beautiful Keykubat beach stretches out to the east and the shallow waters make it a perfect for bathing. Both beaches are ideal for sun-worshippers and sun loungers and parasols are available for hire for a small fee. Numerous cafe-bars are dotted along both beaches and a wide range of water sports are on offer.

The wider world is finally realising that Alanya has so much stacked in its favour as both a holiday and second home destination – it is no surprise to find that Alanya is now the single most popular resort in Turkey, for both numbers of tourism visitors and second home owners.

Why choose Alanya?

A large and modern resort, Alanya has a well developed social infrastructure. As the single, most important resort in Turkey for tourism, there has been large scale investment into this infrastructure – much of this investment is focused on public areas, meaning lots of tastefully landscaped public parks, relaxation areas and tree lined promenades.

Alanya Turkey Аланья Турция Недвижимость Real estate
  • Comparatively low property prices and on-going running costs.
  • Superb healthy climate and more than 300 days of sunshine a year.
  • Stunning natural landscape, friendly welcome, great food.
  • A multi-cultural and multi-national society, with a foreign ownership contingent that hails from 81 different countries!
  • Modern and developed infrastructure.
  • Wide range of social activities.
  • Modern and inexpensive healthcare facilities.
  • Easy access from most international destinations.
  • Excellent range of on-site facilities in all projects, including swimming pool, indoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath, fitness suite, cafe-bar.
  • Good rental yields and capital appreciation.
  • Wide choice of property types to suit all budgets.
  • High quality construction standards.
Alanya Turkey Аланья Турция Недвижимость Real estate

Cleopatra and Keykubat are the two largest beaches in Alanya, with these being separated by a 300 metre high hill thats juts out into the sea. Alanya castle sits atop this hill and its walls snake down for around 6.5 km from the top to the bottom. It is from the top of the hill that the best far-reaching views of Alanya can be enjoyed – the best way to get up to the castle is by cable car, which starts from the east side of Cleopatra beach.

The rental market in Alanya

Alanya Turkey Аланья Турция Недвижимость Real estate

Demand for rental property in Alanya is evident throughout the year. During the long summer season, the resort is packed with overseas visitors, many of whom are looking for rental accommodations for short term holiday lets.

There is also high demand during the cooler, winter months, primarily from those looking to escape the cold, dreary winters of their native countries!

Alanya Turkey Аланья Турция Недвижимость Real estate

Then there is the corporate market to consider; if, as expected, tourism numbers continue to increase, then the number of representatives employed by the tour operators will increase, all of whom will require accommodation.

Elite Group have a dedicated rental management department with a large portfolio of property available for rent – these properties are let to both private and corporate clients; our corporate clients are some of the largest tour companies operating in the Alanya region, including TUI, Thomas Cook, Neckermann, Detur and Tez Tour.